Lashes are not tested on animals. / A product that was created from top-to-bottom, without harming or killing an animal.


This varies from style to style.

This varies by user, however, with proper care, lashes can be worn multiple times. We’re guarante up to 25 times.

Lashes can be cleaned by wiping the band and lashes with a gentle eye makeup remover. After cleaning, replace the lashes back on to the tray and re-wear.

Minimum order quantity is the small number of products you must purchase in one order from a supplier.

Yes, you can creates products exclusively yours.

We’ve Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate and ISO Certificate

Yes sure, you can send us origin

Yes you can download our online catalog on

We provide two shipment terms:

1. FOB (Free on Board) : For MOQ 20.000 units

2. EXWORKS : For MOQ less than 20.000 units