Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How to make an order?

Select lashes and packaging that you like and communicate with marketing department. If you have your own lash and packaging design, we can help to make it for you

What is the MOQ?

MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity. You can start your order in small quantity which is 1200 per style.

Can you provide private label?

Yes certainly, we will guide to make sure all unit for private label is clear and proceed.

Do you have GMP certificate or other ISO certificate?

Yes, our factory is facilitated by ISO 22716 for good manufactory practice and ISO 9001 for management system.

Can we order under the MOQ?

Yes, we still receive order under the MOQ with some adjustment.

Can we request sample?

Yes sure, you can send us original sample that you have or you can choose style from our catalog.

What is the shipment term for the order?

We provide two shipment terms:

1. FOB (Free on Board) : For MOQ 20.000 units

2. EXWORKS : For MOQ less than 20.000 units

Can we visit your factory?

Yes absolutely. Just inform us the detail of your visit schedule.

Can we download online catalog?

Yes you can download our online catalog on

Can you explain lead time (time farming) for order?

For the first order, lead time will takes around 60-90 Days. For the repeat order, production takes around 30-60 days.

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